can u tell what my new icon is

i made a gemsona kinda

i made a gemsona kinda

i found some extra shrinkydink paper and i’m pretty sure my printer still has ink so now you can get your doodle commissions as keychains/phone charms whoa

also stickers yeah

once i was sitting at the table with my brother and i was eating a hot pocket and he was eating some nutter butters. i was like “dude give me a nutter butter i’ll give you half of my hot pocket” and tore my hot pocket in half for him.

he said he didn’t want the hot pocket so i put that half down on my plate. i still wanted a nutter butter tho so i bugged him for a bit before giving up.

when he got to the last nutter butter i was like “dude you already had like 5, give me that one” 

and he was like “no, you already have one” and began to leave.

i picked up the other half of my hot pocket to eat and there was a nuTTER BUTTER STUCK IN THERE???




The fool

The Fool:Tell an embarrassing story.

ok so once i tried scaring my brother by hiding next to the stairs while he was up getting the trash from his room.i succeeded in scaring him (he screamed lol) but he was so scared he hit me with his trash bag… in my face……